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HPH 1-day Wholesale Training Seminar

HPH 1-day Wholesale Training Seminar

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Seminar $599.00
minus travel allowance (use coupon code "TRAVEL") -$200.00
Package "Bronze" $399.00



  1. *Free air round trip ticket for 1 person (for USA customers), Max. $200, ** see flight listing through Elizabeth, International customers and customers traveling by car please deduct $200.00 as an allowance for your air ticket!
  2. Free video for salon owners (How to sell and how to cut in a hair system)
    Speaker: Bodo Stylist: Sigi Value $250.00 Length: 60 minutes
  3. Free video (for your customers): About "HPH Hair Systems," swim, jet ski, how to take care of, etc.
  4. Length 5 minutes, copies available for $5.00/video. Your name and telephone # - Extra Cost! ($35.00 one time fee)
  5. Gourmet lunch in one of our finest restaurants in Cape Coral.
  6. 1 HPH Color Ring with 48+ colors (value $20).
  7. 1 Free "HPH Transbase Hair System" (Sample) (Retail Value: $790.00)
  8. 1 Day Seminar in our own Academy in Cape Coral

We will teach you:

  • How to sell a Hair System- Men or Women (5 golden rules to a sure sale)
  • How to make an easy pattern with the new patent-pending "HPH Measuring Cap" in only 2 minutes without any tape or saran wrap!
  • What to know and how to watch for the right color selection
  • What attachment system to use for each client (tapes, clips or bonding, etc.)
  • When to use human hair, synthetic hair, or mixed hair?
  • How to write up the hassle-free/no aggravation "HPH Order Form" (our order form is much easier than all other complicated forms you have seen before!)
  • When to recommend to your customers an HPH stock piece or when it is really necessary for an HPH custom made piece.
  • In our own HPH Hair Replacement Salons, we are selling up to 75% stock pieces because of the new revolutionary "Transbase" Hair System which we manufacture and stock in sizes S, M, and L for immediate delivery. That means no more 6-8 week waiting time for your customer and Money right away in your pocket!
  • How to perform a super, natural hair cut nicely layered on top with an invisible front hairline!
  • Style hair backward, it looks like the hair is growing out of the scalp.
  • How to apply "4-week bonding" with only 3 minutes of cleaning time.
  • How to apply "4-week bonding" on a full net base (monofilament) without taping first, within 2 minutes!
  • How to get curls out of synthetic hair without damaging the hair, and also how to get curls in!
  • How to change the feeling of synthetic hair to the nice soft feeling of human hair.
  • Why our "HPH %100 European Human hair" is better than 100% Chinese human hair (It's finer, and keeps the color longer).
  • How to take care of repairs on any hair-systems incl. adding hair, poly repair, etc. (Your cost $99 - Customer pays $150 - $199)
  • How to recommend to your customers to leave the tapes in the hair system for 2 weeks and what to watch for when they remove the tapes.