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The Transbase
The Transbase

The Transbase

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The Transbase is our most durable (approx. 2-4 years), and one of our most popular Hair Systems. Ideal for men who perspire a lot and have had bad experiences with systems that have polyurethane. The Transbase has no PU so cracking and discoloration of the base is not a problem! Instead of a PU perimeter, The Transbase has a double layer of monofilament net around the perimeter of the base, to protect the knots from the tapes used for attachment.

The Transbase is made of a full Monofilament Net. Net all over! No more Polyurethane coating which starts to crack and turn colors with time. Only a double layer of monofilament net to protect the knots from the tapes. Fully single-hair hand-knotted, fully air breathable. Apply tape anywhere! Use our Red“High-Tack” Tape (Item #102 & 106) for 3-4 day attachment.
Or bond for 4-5 weeks at a time!

The front is scalloped and has a nice receding hairline and is so easy to style! The base is durable against the acid of perspiration.

All of the above prices are Uncut.
Please add $40 per system for Cut & Styling. Ready to wear!
If you would prefer for us to cut and style your system/s for you, please view our Men’s Hair Style Chart, choose a style.
Or enclose a photo from a magazine or of yourself with the desired hairstyle. This system is fully single-hair knotted.

In Stock: Synthetic Hair
Stock Sizes: S (8″ x 6″), M (9″ x 7″) or L (10″ x 7.5″)
Stock Density: Thin/Medium

Custom Made: Human or Synthetic Hair
Any Specifications