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The Diamond
The Diamond

The Diamond

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The Diamond is our most basic Hair System. It is made of a durable monofilament base, scalloped front line,
and a Polyurethane perimeter with 3 cut-away lines for quick customization to any size.
It is made of a completely hand-knotted monofilament base with a Polyurethane (PU) taping perimeter
around the whole system.

The Diamond Hair System looks like your real scalp, the scalloped front of the hair system is essentially
a transparent PU-skin base (only 1 inch wide), where every single hair is injected into the base at a predetermined
angle to replicate the lift and naturalness of real hair.
It can be attached using our red liner tape (Items #102 & 106)
or one of our No-Shine 4-Week Bonding Tapes (Items #117, #118 & #119).

In Stock: Human or Synthetic Hair
Stock Sizes: L (10″ x 7.5″) Can be cut down to any size
Stock Density: Thin/Medium

Custom Made: By request only, please call for pricing.